Google Earth Secrets(HD)

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Very weird google earth secrets that will suprise you. Click more info for locations. Nazi building: 32°40'34.11"N117° 9'27.66"W Indian head: 50° 0'40.67"N110° 6'31.00"W F***: 53°32'19.34"N 1°20'48.13"W Crop circle: 53°31'55.73"N 1°21'24.42"W Fire and black line: 69°38'44.63"N 40°47'6.20"W Mozilla firefox logo: 45° 7'26.18"N123° 6'46.96"W Voodoo doll: 19°56'56.01"S 69°38'2.60"W Star of david: 37°24'7.34"N116°51'57.88"W Triangle: 37°37'53.72"N116°50'39.48"W Twin palm tree islands: 25° 3'20.03"N 55° 3'6.54"E Unusual writing: 32°54'35.18"N 97° 2'46.68"E Coca-Cola: 18°31'44.44"S 70°14'58.49"W Horse: 51°39'4.18"N 3°15'20.99"W UFO: 37°11'55.31"N116° 3'18.62"W Plane crash: 45°24'29.65"N123° 0'27.13"W Lots of planes: 10°35'57.10"N 66°59'20.64"W Parked plane: 51°21'44.60"N 7°33'28.65"E Spaceship module: 39°57'27.97"N 75°10'24.19"W Pineapple maze: 21°31'30.02"N158° 2'13.29"W

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