Goodbye Scum Guitars!

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No these guitars would not burn good with charcoal lighter fluid, damn-it! I was pissed at the price a guitar repairman quoted me to fix my Hohner HG-04. Then I tragically bought a Epiphone AJ-100 that turned out to be trash-- yes, I failed to tune it up at the pawn shop. Word of advice: DON'T buy a pawn shop guitar without taking the strings off and inspecting the inside. If they wont let you, screw them and walk out. Lots of junk guitars out there with shattered or unglued and prying up bracing. And also be wary of the underside of bridge having huge splinters inside the guitar, or perhaps shattered-- that's your tone transfer to the top soundboard, and if it's screwed so is the guitar. Damn that Epiphone, it had the shattered bridge backer along with 5 unseated frets. DAMN!

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