IPod Nano 5G Review - With IPhone 3GS Video Comparison

Uploaded by ilovetechno on Feb 07, 2010 viewed 3594 times

100% Like it!

Blunty3000 takes the new Apple iPod nano 5G for the review treatment with a head to head iPhone 3GS video comparison. The new iPod nano now has a built in FM radio, which includes the ability to pause! (think of it like TIVO for radio, kinda) a built in Pedometer and NIKE+ integration, and voice notes, just like the iPhone. The iPod nano churns out 640x480 video at upto 30FPS in H.264 encoding, perfect for YouTube. You'll get about about 50Mb per 2.5 minutes of Video recording, so an 8GB Nano will record and store more than 6 and a half hours of video (if my math is right!?) I think the new Apple iPod nano 5G will become the default choice for many youtubers, tiny, super easy to use, crisp video and decent sound. (just a shame it doesn't record in wide-screen...)

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