Phuket Night Life. Patong, Phuket, Thailand.

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A taste of what to expect in Patong. Bars games clubs girls more bars fireworks dancers ladyboys more bars more girls. Action packed video shots of night life in Patong Phuket. View super high quality at vimeo : After a few negative comments I thought I'd just make these points. 1 There is a lot more to Thailand than these seedy bars.... I made this video so that people that haven't been here can see what it is like, Thailand is a big and wonderful place so please don't judge it on the handful of tourist destinations like this one. 2 this is not a sex video... sex tourists please post your comments else where 3 yes there are lady boys in the video.... come on people lady boys are as normal in Thailand as gay people in the western world... what's the big deal? I shall post below exact times where lady boys appear in the video just to clear up the confusion: 00:50 Lady boy blowing a kiss 00:55 Lady boy to the left of western guy dressed as lady 01:01 Two lady boys with there boobs out. All these lady boy entertainers want is money for photo. 01:11 Lady boy in yellow top dancing on stage 01:33 Lady boy walking in the street 01:36 Two more walking in street 02:30 Lady boy in white dancing on bar 02:52 Lady boy with lots of lips stick and big ear rings. 03:04 Lady boy pose for photo with Paul 03:22 Lady boy behind bar 04:39 Lady boy pestering man walking by 05:00 All lady boys in the Lady Boy Cabaret bar 05:46 Lady boy blows another kiss 06:45 Lady boy hugs farrang 06:59 Lady boy sticks middle finger up at me 07:05 Lady boy on far left 07:59 Lady boy in white. How can you tell? Look at the size of hands. 08:26 Two Lady boys pose for camera with Paul Sound track: 01. Bob Sinclair - World Hold On 02. Chris Lake - Changes (Vocal Dub mix) 03. Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite (Seamus Haji Big Love remix) 04. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Haji & Emanuel remix) 05. Bobby & Steve - Welcome To The Real World (Soulstars remix) Mixed by DJ Bazil Get the soundtrack to this movie here .

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